2021 Grants

Does your school need funds for a good project?

Over 2021, the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation will be offering a new round of match funding grants to support innovative school projects that expand educational resources for students and inspire learning. 

The 2021 round of grants will be launched in the 2021 Hanson Box, along with detailed information on how to apply. 

The 2021 Hanson Box (and all future Hanson Boxes) are completely free of charge for your school, but we will be sending 2021 boxes only to schools that request one via this website click here.

Request a free 2021 Hanson Box now to apply for one of our 2021 grants! 

Past school projects which the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation has awarded grants to include creating wildlife gardens, nature spaces, solar panel projects, library extensions and even sending a 4k camera into the upper atmosphere by high altitude balloon!

Request next year’s Hanson Box for your school to take part in new competitions and activities!

Hanson Boxes (and all of the resources that they contain) are completely free for schools (including shipping).

Each box is full of specially designed educational books, DVDs, activity kits and lesson plans to help educators empower children.

We send and donate thousands of Hanson Boxes to schools every year.

We create new resources every year, so each Hanson Box is unique and exciting!

Due to demand, we are sending next year’sHanson Box only to schools that request it.

Click the “Request Your Box” link to make sure your school receives a box next year!

We hope that these resources have enhanced learning and inspired students.

For more information please contact us on info@hansonbox.org