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Don Hanson Charitable Foundation

The Don Hanson Charitable Foundation is a UK-based charity that was established by the British philanthropist Don Hanson in 2007 to support causes close to his heart and around geographical areas that had been a part of his life. Please visit:

Our flagship ‘Hanson Box’ project is named in memory of Don delivers first class educational resources to thousands of schools across the world, to touch the lives of millions of students and inspire passion for learning.

We have established a Georgia-registered ‘not for profit’ corporation to bring Hanson Boxes to the United States, a land dear to Don. For more information on our American Foundation, please visit:

Or contact us on

What is a Hanson Box?

Hanson Boxes are boxes of educational resources donated to schools completely free of charge. Each year’s box contains a different set of specially crafted resources that are designed to help teachers inspire their students. Hanson Boxes are donated completely free of charge to schools.

Click on the link to the left for a detailed overview of the contents of the 2020 Hanson Box.

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