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Great British Water Project

Welcome to the Great British Water Project, a nationwide, interactive experiment organised by the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation to study the quality of tap water across the United Kingdom and the health of the country’s freshwater habitats.

Over June and July, 2021, Great British Water Project resource boxes were sent to 650 schools across the UK to enable students to take part in a range of interactive experiments and activities.

On August 11th 2021, the results of the Great British Water Project were announced. Watch the following summary film to discover what the schools and students across the UK found out:

Below are the results received so far. The results of each experiment and activity are displayed as an interactive map. I can link on any of the filter terms (at the top of each map) to display results.  

Note the key to the left of email map to explain the colouration of each marker icon.  Click on each icon for data to be displayed! 

Note to schools that have received the great British Water Project resource box – please do continue to send your data sheets across. We will add your data to the following results spreadsheets, so you can discover how your findings compare nationally!

The Results

Water Chemistry Results

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Blind Water Taste

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Acid Rain Results

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Pond Life Survey

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Please upload your plastic impact essay competition entries as .word or .pdf files via the following form:

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.


A copy of all of the following documents is enclosed in your Great British Water Project Box, however you can also download additional copies below!

Great British Water Project Cover Letter
11-in-1 Water Test Kit Instructions
Blind Taste Test Instructions
Student Score Sheet
Activity Leader Results Sheet
Plastic Waste Visualisation
Flyer for Plastics Artwork competition
Rainwater Survey
Pond life survey
Pond life survey results form
Where is my School in the Water Cycle
Essay Competition
Comprehensive Tap Water Analysis
Water Cycle poster


  • A UK wide survey of freshwater ecosystems and drinking water.
  • Upload your results and see how your area compares nationally!

As part of the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation Schools Program, the Great British Water Project is completely free for your school!