Great British Water Project

Thank you to all schools that have registered to take part in the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation’s nationwide, interactive experiment The Great British Water Project. 

Registration to take part is now closed. 

All schools (shown on the map below) that have already registered to take part will soon receive a free Great British Water Project kit!  

Your kit will contain detailed instructions and all equipment needed in order to undertake a series of fun experiments, interactive projects and educational activities to study how the fresh water and drinking water in your area compares to nationally. 

Over the coming weeks, we will soon be sending a series of emails to participating schools to explain the equipment contained within your kit and the activities you can undertake. 

All resulting data can be uploaded here to see how the freshwater of your area measures up nationally!

Your kit will contain everything you need to undertake the following (and more!):

  • Tests to discover the acidity or basicity of your local ponds, rivers, canals and your school’s drinking water from the tap! Upload your class’s measurements using your postcode to an interactive online map to understand how your area’s geology impacts your local water chemistry!
  • Create a local water map showing your area’s place in the UK’s water cycle!
  • Test pollution levels in local rivers, ponds, lakes and canals, and upload your findings to contribute data to build a picture of the health of the UK’s freshwater ecosystems!
  • Take part in a UK-wide pond dip survey for freshwater life and correlate your findings against results from other parts of Britain.
  • Collect and test rainwater for acidity and contrast your findings against historic acid rain data and other parts of the country in our nationwide survey!
  • Engage your students in understanding pollution: take part in a rubbish count at a local stream or river, and engage your class in a survey to consider how many plastic bottles, bags and other items we use and discard each year! Extrapolate your class’s findings nationwide, and use our online ‘rubbish calculator’ to visualise the plastic waster mountain that the UK produces every day!
  • Drinking water blind test: engage classes at your school to take part in a comparison of mineral water, tap water and purified (filtered) tap water! Get each of your students to rate each water type by taste to see if they notice differences – the results are often surprising! Upload your findings to our nationwide map to see how your results compare!

Stay tuned for the results of this fascinating project.

635 Schools Taking Part in the Great British Water Project


  • A UK wide survey of freshwater ecosystems and drinking water.
  • Upload your results and see how your area compares nationally!

As part of the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation Schools Program, the Great British Water Project is completely free for your school!