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Does your school need funds for a good project?

The Don Hanson Charitable Foundation is offering up to 20 match-funding grants, each up to £1,000, to schools across the UK to use to expand educational resources for students!

We are not looking to supplement school budgets for regular costs (e.g. staff or buildings etc).

Rather, we wish to support innovative projects designed to inspire students’ thinking and desire for learning, especially ones that already have the support of the school but which do not yet have the funding secured.

For example, if your school’s project needs £3,000 and you have already raised £1,000 through school fundraising events, you could apply for £1,000 from us and use this to make a new effort to close the remaining gap. Or you could simply apply for a new project (with a budget of £2,000) where our £1,000 would be released once you have raised £1,000 elsewhere.

To apply, use the following form to submit a short overview.

Please prepare the following:

– An outline of your project and its benefits to students,

– The total budget (please state the amount raised so far and the grant sought (up to £1,000)).

Entries close on December 31st, 2020.

Successful applicants will be announced in January 2021.

We really hope these grants will help your efforts to inspire your students and enhance their education

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Does your school need additional funds for a project?

Why not apply for a Don Hanson Charitable Foundation School Grant to help your school project become a reality.

Previous grants have funded a wide variety of projects at schools across the UK, including the construction of gardens, nature spaces, solar panel projects, library extensions and reading initiatives!

Submit your application here to get your project match-funded!

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