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What's in the AUS 2021 Hanson Box


The 2021 Roots & Shoots Australia Resource Box is the result of a partnership between the Jane Goodall Institute Australia’s Roots & Shoots movement, the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation and the Phillips Foundation.

One resource box was sent to 4,000 schools across Australia for the benefit of hundreds of thousands of Australian students.

The 2021 Roots & Shoots Australia Resource Box contains four specially-designed resources that cover a broad range of subjects in the national curriculum, including biology, English, art, geography, history, ecology, environmental sciences and natural history.

Each box contains:

– Living Landscapes Volume 1 – A journey through Australia’s rich and diverse first cultures.

This book is a collaboration with First Nations partners across our wide and wonderful land, Living Landscapes is a compelling compendium of Australia’s rich and diverse Indigenous cultures. From the northerly Masigalgal people of the Torres Strait, to South Australia’s Mirning Council of Elders, the Banbai Rangers in the east, to the south-western Noongar, this stunning hardback is brimming with beautiful artwork, photography, stories and personal tales from our living landscape – of past, present and future.

– Australia’s Amazing Islands

A stunning look at the major islands off our coastline and their unique biodiversity. While mainland Australia is technically the biggest island in the world, we are lucky to be surrounded by a circle of incredibly biodiverse smaller islands. Explore the remote Indian Ocean tropics of Cocos Keeling to the chilly subantarctic Macquarie to the world’s largest sand island at Queensland’s Fraser Island. Australia’s Amazing Islands is your tour guide to these unique and special places – exploring the landscapes, habitats, plants, animals, birds, marine life and conservation priorities of each.

– Incredible Universe Volume 1: The Solar System

A 160 page book that explores the wonders of solar system. The book opens with an overview of our understanding of the observable universe (and how we know what we know) and examines the unimaginable scale of solar system and our galaxy (with practical activities for students to undertake). The book than explores our solar system, examining each planet systematically and in turn (along with all other main features of the solar system, such as dwarf planets and asteroid belts). The closing chapters of the book focus on the astonishing accomplishments of recent years exploring Mars, and a look towards the next chapter of space exploration. This book is designed to make physics, astronomy and maths classes come alive!

– What on Earth? The Plants You’ve Never Heard Of!

Forget pansies and daffodils, this book explores the unbelievable plants that call our world home! From flowers over 2 metres tall, to carnivorous plants that catch animals as big as rats. As we journey through the most amazing members of the plant world, we’ll meet the world’s smelliest flowers, plants with iridescent blue leaves, deadly plants, sensitive plants (with leaves that move), the world’s weirdest blooms and countless other amazing members of the plant world! Discover plants as you have never seen them before!

An overview of the contents is provided below.


Living Landscapes Volume 1 - A journey through Australia’s rich and diverse first cultures.

Authors: Stewart McPherson
ISBN: 978-1-908787-40-8
Pages: 160
Images: 270
Page size: 240 x 285 mm (landscape)
Cover format: Hardcover

From the islands of the Torres Strait to the sea cliffs of the Great Australian Bight, this book illustrates a vibrant and living cultural diversity.

Through the insight and perspectives contributed by the First Nation groups introduced in these pages, readers can learn from the knowledge-holders themselves. This book seeks to entice you to discover more, learn more, and experience the lifelong journey of understanding culture.

Connecting with fellow humans, sharing wisdom as we find a path forward as custodians of this world, has never been more important.

Journey through Australia’s amazing Living Landscapes!

Australia’s Amazing Islands

Authors: Stewart McPherson
ISBN: 978-1-908787-41-5
Pages: 160
Images: 360
Page size: 240 x 285 mm (landscape)
Cover format: Hardcover

The Australian mainland is surrounded by over 8,000 islands, islets and rock stacks.

Each of these offers unique habitats for animals and plants, which has driven the evolution of thousands of species that occur nowhere else on Earth.

Australia’s islands are also treasure troves of diverse culture and proud heritage, with history stretching back millennia.

This book takes you on a journey to explore Australia’s amazing islands!

With contributions from key conservationists, and over 360 beautiful images, this book showcases Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island, Macquarie Island, Kangaroo Island, Rottnest Island (Wadjemup), Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Christmas Island and K’gari (Fraser Island).

Travel from the biodiverse tropics to the icy Southern Ocean, to discover the stories that Australia’s islands hold.

Incredible Universe Volume 1: The Solar System

Authors: Alex McColgan, Stewart McPherson and Robert Irving
ISBN: 978-1-913631-06-2
Pages: 160
Images: 210
Page size: 240 x 285 mm (landscape)
Cover format: Hardcover

Since prehistory, humankind has gazed with wonder at the night sky.

Beyond admiring the beauty of those small, twinkling lights, there has always been a desire by the thinkers through the ages to study and understand the jewels of the infinite starscape above.

This series of books takes you on a journey to explore the seemingly infinite scale, complexity and majesty of our Incredible Universe.

This volume focuses on our solar system, starting with its place inside the observable universe, and the unimaginable scale of our galaxy and beyond.

The components of the solar system are then systematically introduced along with a summary of key facts, covering: the eight planets, the many dwarf planets, the asteroid and Kuiper belt, as well as the outer limits of the Oort Cloud.

The following 90 pages are dedicated to examining the sun, the eight planets and the dwarf planet Pluto in detail.

Each is profiled over several pages, covering internal structure and atmosphere, surface features, moons, missions and prospects for astrobiology, along with spectacular imagery from NASA, ESA and other space agencies.

The concluding chapters provide a detailed account of exploration of Mars to date, as well as a look to the future and the next chapter of space exploration.

This book will appeal to all interested in the wonders of the universe and our place within it.

What on Earth? The Plants You've Never Heard Of!

Authors: Stewart McPherson
ISBN: 978-1-913631-07-9
Pages: 160
Images: 620
Page size: 240 x 285 (landscape)
Cover format: Hardcover

What is your favourite plant? A rose, a tulip or a fern?

Or perhaps a carnivorous plant that catches rats, a skull-shaped flower or an electric blue begonia… or one of the 375,000 other plants of our world?

From the Darth Vader begonia, to the weird bat flower, parasitic Rhizanthes (the stuff of nightmares!), to snake fruit, iridescent-leaved plants that shimmer blue to the stained glass window plant, sensitive plants (whose leaves move) to greenhouse plants! Read about ancient dragon’s blood trees, ghost pipes, living fossils, quiver trees, window plants, ice plants, the world’s tallest trees, the oldest plant on earth, gigantic Rafflesia and Amorphophallus blooms, stinky starfish flowers and durians, as well as the bizarre voodoo lily, and an astonishing rainbow of carnivorous plants that catch and eat insect as well as other small animals!

Discover the world’s most spectacular and amazing plants you have never heard of!


Also included in your 2021 Roots & Shoots Resource Box:

  • A cover letter from James Forbes, Chief Executive Officer of Roots & Shoots Australia.
  • Cover letter from the Jane Goodall Institute Australia.
  • One Earth young filmmakers contest document.
  • Woodiwild information document.
  • Imagi-Nation information document
  • ReWild Your School project flyer.
  • A flyer about our upcoming Live Lecture Series exploring Australia’s Amazing Islands.
  • A flyer about two exciting competitions that Roots & Shoots is running in partnership with the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation’s School Program.

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After a full year of development and planning, the 4,000 * 2021 Roots & Shoots Resource Boxes were shipped to schools across Australia.

Each box weights approx. 5 kg, so in total, around 20 tonnes (20,000 kg!) of educational resources were sent!

Roots & Shoots Australia and the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation team really hopes that students and educators will enjoy the resources in the 2021 Roots & Shoots Resource Box!

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About the AUS 2021 Hanson Box

The 2021 Roots & Shoots Australia Resource Box is the result of a partnership between the Jane Goodall Institute Australia’s Roots & Shoots movement, the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation and the Phillips Foundation.