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Grant Program for UK Schools

Since 2019, the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation has been pleased to match-funding grants, each up to £1,000, to schools across the UK to expand educational resources for students.

Examples of recipients of past grants include:

Baring Primary School’s ‘Greening Up Baring’ project to create a fruit and vegetable garden. 

Bilton C of E Junior School’s Solardome Sanctuary to create a dedicated wellbeing space for students and the wider community.

Chuter Ede Primary School’s ‘Patron of Reading’ project to enable published authors and educational professionals to visit Chuter Ede to hold sessions with students  to inspire learning and motivate reading.

Fairisle Junior School’s kitchen renovation project to enable enhanced cookery lessons for students.

John Locke Academy’s zen garden project to create a tranquil and calming environment for students.

Moneynick Primary School’s ‘Linking Generations’ project to provide extracurricular activities and a book club for students, parents and teachers to engage make use of school resources.

Torridon Primary School’s reading space project to turn an unused classroom into a library that promotes reading for pleasure.

Does your school need funds for a good project?

The Don Hanson Charitable Foundation will be offering new rounds of match funding grants to support innovative school projects that expand educational resources for students and inspire learning.

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