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The 2022 Roots & Shoots Australia Resource Box contain the following competitions, which you can take part in!

The competition will close on September 30th, 2023.

The results will be announced in October 2023

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In partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute Australia’s Roots & Shoots movement, the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation is running two competitions to excite students across Australia! Both competitions have the following prize categories for winning students:

1st prize: $1,000 book vouchers / learning resources

2nd prize: $500 book vouchers / learning resources

3rd prize: $250 book vouchers / learning resources

PLUS 10 runner up prizes of $100 in vouchers

Competition entries are to be submitted digitally via the forms below. 

We hope that your students enjoy these competitions, and that they stimulate thought and discussions.  

By competing you also get all of the benefits of joining our free Schools Program, including future online resources, activities, grants for schools and more!

TASK: Examine the ecosystems profiled in the enclosed Amazing Ecosystems book in your 2022 Roots & Shoots Australia Resource Box.  

Which ecosystem do you find most interesting? 

Think about all of the animals and plants that live together as part of your favourite ecosystem. 

Where does each species live, what do they eat and how do they survive? Hint: all of the information you need is within the enclosed Amazing Ecosystems book!

Draw your favourite ecosystem, and the animals and plants that live within it. Label as many species as you can.

Optional: add arrows to show which animals and plants are eaten by others. Think about how the food web of your chosen ecosystem works. See example below.

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