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We believe that there is nothing more important than educating and inspiring the next generation. To this end, each year the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation donates thousands of free ‘Hanson Boxes’ full of specially crafted educational resources to schools to benefit millions of students! Named in memory of the British philanthropist Don Hanson, each Hanson Box contains educational books, DVDs, and activity kits to help educators empower children, and drive curiosity and learning!

Don Hanson Charitable Schools Program
Each year we donate thousands of free
'Hanson Boxes' full of specially crafted educational resources to schools benefit millions of students!

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We also award grants to schools to
support projects that enhance educational resources!

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And we run exciting, educational
competitions (with great prizes!) for
students of various ages, including
creative drawing, essay writing and
activity-led projects!

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The Don Hanson Charitable Foundation

The Foundation was established by the British philanthropist Don Hanson in 2007 to support causes close to his heart and around geographical areas that had been a part of his life.


Our Hanson Boxes are named in memory of Don Hanson.

2019 Hanson Box - exterior of box

resources new each year
Packaged in sustainable cardboard
Donated to schools completely free of charge

Take part in a fun, interactive and educational nationwide experiment to understand the health of the UK's freshwater ecosystems and drinking water quality! Request your free Great British Water Project kit!