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What's in the 2024 Special DARWIN200 Hanson Box

2024 Special DARWIN200 Hanson Box

DARWIN200’s primary goal is to train and empower two hundred young (18+) exceptional conservation leaders (known as ‘Darwin Leaders’).

Each Darwin Leader undertakes a very focused training program in one of the ports Charles Darwin visited, and has to study and take part in the conservation of a chosen animal or plant species to produce a series of short films for broadcast worldwide. DARWIN200’s mission of educating global audiences in the conservation of nature is amplified through one hundred (weekly) ‘World’s Most Exciting Classroom’ events that are broadcast to schools across the planet.



After two successful test voyages circumnavigating the UK in 2020 and 2021, DARWIN200 is mid-way through undertaking a two-year voyage around the globe following the journey of Charles Darwin (see In celebration of this, the Hanson Box team has created a 2024 Special DARWIN200 Hanson Box that we are sending to 3,000 schools across the UK.

The box includes:

  • Four educational books
  • Four DARWIN200 Global Voyage posters
  • A2 foldout sheet of 30 amazing experiments (with online instruction videos)
  • A4 sheet of upcoming World’s Most Exciting Classroom events (beaming live from Sydney, Tasmania and Cape Town!)
  • Artwork competition flyer (with £5,000 in prizes)


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Note: we will be shipping the 2024 Special DARWIN200 Hanson Boxes in September, 2024.

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About the 2024 Special DARWIN200 Hanson Box

The Don Hanson Charitable Foundation is the primary partner and main sponsor of the DARWIN200, a charitable and educational project that aims to change the world.