USA and AUS Boxes


Over 2021-2023, we intend to send one Hanson Box to each of the approximately 20,000 middle schools and 100,000 elementary schools across the USA.

Each box will include four specially-designed 160-page, hardback books, a DVD, two kits and two competitions, packaged in a specially-branded, high quality box.

Our generous benefactor, Don Hanson, had a life-long love for America and her people. Don spent much of his life working in New York, and traveling across the United States, and supported many American charitable causes during the course of his life.

We are seeking funding partners to contribute to our schools program to donate resources to American students.

We would like to partner with you to increase the number of Hanson Boxes we can send to schools across the USA. Funding can be made through a 501(c)3 account (for tax deductibility) and you can specifically choose which state, region or city any resource boxes you fund are sent to, or you can leave the selection of schools unallocated, and we will distribute the boxes to schools nation-wide.

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In 2020, we partnered with Roots and Shoots, of the Jane Goodall Institute Australia. We developed several resources jointly. We directly funded the donation of one book into 4,000 Roots & Shoots resource boxes that were sent to schools across Australia.

Our partnership proved very successful, and we look forward to working together in future years to donate further resources to Australian Schools.

Below is a video message from the world-renowned conservationist Dr. Goodall about the 2020 Roots & Shoots boxes in which the books we donated were sent.

Below are photos of the 2020 Roots & Shoots Australia resource boxes:

International Hanson Boxes

The Hanson Box project started in 2019 in the United Kingdom, however we are expanding our Schools Program, and will be sending free educational resources to schools across the United States of America and Australia.